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I Know Nothing About Blogging...

So I won't lie to you all and tell you that I am an amazing blogger with all of the secrets, because that just isn't true. I have never really blogged before Oh Style and truthfully, I never really followed blogs all that much. But, I'm going to give it a shot anyways! The main purpose of my blog is to show you all who I am and that there is an actual person behind Oh Style Boutique. I also want to share some outfit ideas (with all Oh Style product, of course). This blog is also a way for you to share your ideas and feedback with me in the comments below. I will take any and all feedback that I can get! Tell me what you like and don't like, what you want to see more of, and what you're sick of seeing. Really, tell me anything you want! 

I think I will start out my blogging adventure with a series called "3 Ways to Wear". I'm going to take pieces that almost all of you have in your closet and show you 3 different ways to style it. I'm not a stylist, so if you hate it, that's ok (you can tell me I suck in the comments below). This is just a way to get my feet wet with this whole blog thing! I am going to be posting the blog "3 Ways to Wear" for your reading pleasure on Wednesdays throughout the month of March with the first one starting tomorrow, so check back tomorrow for a new blog! Thanks for reading :)

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