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3 Ways to Wear - The Little Black Dress

So I managed to sucker someone else into modeling for me! Introducing, one of my best friends, Kelsey! She did a great job and there were plenty of laughs to be had that night. Before I get into all of the 3 Ways to Wear details, I wanted to mention how excited I am about us carrying sizes xl-xxxl now too! I cannot wait to get all of the product in and show you all what’s in store!

Now onto the 3 Ways to Wear….This week I struggled to find something to style 3 ways, just ask Kelsey. Sorry Kels! I just don’t want to keep showing you the same pieces over and over, but I promise I will keep trying to be creative with it!

The first way we styled the Little Black Dress was just with a basic neutral scarf and booties. I know it’s so simple, but is always a cute option! Plus, you can always add some jewelry if this is too plain for you! Honestly, it’s really hard to style the LBD in a bad way.

The second way the dress is styled is with our lace trim cardigan, crystal stone necklace, & taupe booties. I’m in love with the color of this cardigan & the style of the cardigan works well for every season. It’s lightweight enough for the spring and summer months, since it is an open knit, but it is also so easy to layer with for the colder months.  

The third way we styled the Little Black Dress was with our ever-popular olive vest (which comes in navy too). This vest is so awesome because it can be worn tons of ways and looks so cute with this dress and a few simple jewelry pieces, like our multi-chain necklace & layered bracelet and of course our booties too!

All of the pieces that are shown here are so easy to wear and layer with other pieces too. The little black dress is really limitless when it comes to how you can wear it. I probably could have shown you 10 more ways to wear this dress with the product we have, but this blog series is only called 3 ways to wear. ;) Thank your for reading! Check back next week for more. 

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