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It's been too long..

I'm sorry it has been over a month since I left you hanging with that storefront information! It has been a crazy month and a half for this girl. Here's what I've been up to:

1: Put in an offer on a location we like for the store (eek!!) - It all started to get very real for me when we sent our "letter of intent" to the realtor. It is an incredibly slow process, but I'm sure it will all be worth it. 

2. Went on my first buying trip - Which was so fun, but extremely overwhelming. I was in Las Vegas for 3 days browsing products from thousands of vendors (I don't know if it was actually thousands, but it felt like it). I got some awesome Fall and Winter product that I cannot wait to show you all! 

3. Took a much needed vacation with my husband - We spent the last week in Sarasota and we got to celebrate my birthday and our second anniversary while we were there. If we open another store after this one, Sarasota may be the spot ;) 

4. Received the lease agreement on the space - This by far is the scariest, most intimidating thing on this list. Our lease agreement is 22 pages of jargon that I just don't completely understand. It makes me feel like I could possibly be signing over my first born child and I wouldn't have a stinkin' clue. Don't worry though, we have someone who is slightly more qualified looking over it as well. 

Are you sick of the anticipation yet?! I have been dying to tell you where the store will be. I'm an incredibly impatient person so this is so hard for me.  Some of you may know the location from visiting us at the last market. Sorry everyone else, that's just one of the perks they got from coming to see me! I want to get this lease agreement signed and out of my hands before I officially disclose the location, so hang tight! Hopefully by next week I will be able to tell you where and give you all of the juicy details.

Honestly, this process has taken forever (in my world at least). We have been at this since the end of June and are just now getting somewhere so I am so sorry for not being more present. My heart is in this storefront and I cannot wait to share it with all of you! Thank you for reading! 


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