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Oh Style has a NEW OWNER! (Effective 8/10!!)

Hello you wonderful ladies!

I thought I would write a quick blog to bring you up to speed on what is happening here at Oh Style Boutique! If you've been around since the beginning of Oh Style in 2015, you would know that I actually used to use the blog feature from time to time and I kind of enjoyed it! What better way to sign off than coming back to where I started.

So as some of you know, I have a baby girl on the way who is set to be here around September 2nd (COME ON SEPTEMBER)! The day I found out I was pregnant, my priorities completely shifted. I knew that I wanted to be at home with this little nugget as often as possible. With that, my husband and I decided to sell the business. I knew that if I selfishly kept the business I wouldn't be able to put the time and effort into it that my amazing customers deserve!  So..as of Friday, August 10th there will be a new head-honcho in charge at Oh Style Boutique. I will let her introduce herself later on, but I promise you this: she will take wonderful care of you! After hearing some of her plans for the store, I have no doubt that she is the person meant to fill my shoes and to help you ladies feel at home when you shop at Oh Style. 

Before I officially hand over the reigns on Friday I have to give my wonderful customers some praise. Whether you knew me when I was selling clothes out of my spare bedroom in my old 1200 square foot house, or you met us at a local market, or you just found out about Oh Style recently - you have played a huge role in making this business what I always dreamed it would be. I cannot thank you all enough for being so sweet and supportive while I built this business to be what it is. Not every bit of business building was easy or fun, but you all made it worth while and I will always cherish the laughs, friendships and memories that were created along the way! I just ask one thing of you all..please show the new owner as much grace and patience that you all had with me since the beginning! I have no doubts she will succeed, but she cannot do it without all of you. You all truly are some of the best people. 

If you happen to think of me over the next few months - say a little prayer for me and my sanity as I suffer from sleep deprivation and lack of adult contact (LOL).

Hope to see you all as fellow shoppers at the store!

Much love to you all!! xoxo- Hanna 


  • Posted by Deb Faber on

    Congratulations, you days are going to be fill with so much love. I do remember coming, shopping from your home, you have been so nice and so professional I just knew your buwoukd be such a success it is. Happy thought and prayers to your little family.

  • Posted by Michelle Bernard on

    Hanna- I am so completely proud of the woman you have become- and the mom I know you will be! I wish you ALL the best in this new adventure!! Thank you for sharing your dream- Oh Style- with us!!

  • Posted by Bobbie Yeager on

    How exciting for you!! I wish you all the very best as you start your new journeys!!

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